Shells on Buzaro 20 €
Slow-roasted pork belly, served in warm cooked bread, with fresh vegetables  21 €
Crispy eggplant cake, parmesan mousse, eggplant cream, dehydrated cherry tomatoes   21 €
Buratta with warm broccoli, basil pesto, pistachio on butter 22 €
Hand chopped steak tartare from 100% locally grown beef 23 €
Selected house delicacies, selection of foreign and domestic cheeses, olives, dried tomatoes, pickled vegetables 29 €
Tuna tartare with fresh salad 32 €
Foie gras  with homemade jam and warm brioche 33 €
Beef soup with semolina dumpling 7 €
Daily soup 7 €
Tomato soup with parmesan cheese, toasted bread and basil 7 €
Spicy goulash soup with dumplings 9 €
»Šopska salad« 12 €
Greek salad 12 €
Mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese 12 €
Iceberg salad with avocado, crispy panceta, egg, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, red onion, croutons and gorgonzola 18 €
Fresh beet carpaccio with cottage cheese cream, roasted pistachios, parmesan cheese, crispy bread 19 €
Caprese salad with olives, capers and house tortillas 22 €
Cesar salad with Baby Romano, and free range chicken  croutons, parmesan cheese 22€  / Lobster 70€
Warm salad with slices of beef fillet, panceta, pine nuts and red pepper 23 €
Royal salad with grilled prawns 25 €
Cottage cheese dumplings carbonara, tomatoes and parmesan cheese 18 €
Risotto with zucchini, young spinach and goat cheese 19 €
Linguine alla Bolognese 19 €
Risotto with beets, black truffles and Camembert cheese cream 23 €
Tagliatele with butter cream and truffles 23 €
Tagliolini with prawns, cherry tomatoes, bottarga and fresh basil 29 €
Tagliatele with lobster, reduced cognac and butter sauce 70 €
Royal burger in homemade brioche, pommes frites 20 €
Chef˙s čevapčiči with 100% locally grown beef, »kajmak« cheese and homemade »burek« 20 €
Royal mini burgeri with gorgonzola, truffles, duck liver and pommes frittes 24 €
Pork belly with potato folder, spinach cream, wine sauce 25 €
Fish and chips 27 €
Stuffed veal escalope with »kajmak« cheese, tatar sauce, potatoes    27 €
Slowly roasted veal on crispy polenta 29 €
Roasted mini chicken with vegetables and potatoes 29 €
Salmon fillet with homemade potato gnocchi, olives, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and basil 31 €
Tuna fillet with blanched broccoli, mustard topping with honey 35 €
Sea bass fillet with sauteed spinach and hollandaise sauce 35 €
Grilled beefsteak with flavored butter and side dish 39 €
Beef steak USA with side dish 65 €
Grilled Rib Eye  with bone, with vegetables and potatoes (2 persons) 80 €

Suckling pig (4-6 persons) with warm cooked bread, fresh vegetables (upon pre-order)

290 €
Royal cream cake with fresh friut 9 €
Chocolate cake 9 €
Cheesecake with forest fruit kompote and lime sugar 9 €
Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream 9 €
Chocolate souffle with white chocolate ice-cream 9 €
Tiramisu 9 €
Baklava with walnuts 9 €
Daily dessert 9 €
Croissant with vanilla cream, fresh fruit and ice-cream 9 €
Kaiserschmarrn with homemade cranberry jam (2 persons) 15 €

Hedonism at Every Step

Restaurant 9 (Restavracija 9) in a unique natural environment with  emphasis on fresh local ingredients, beef steak from Slovenian beef, "Royal" sausage and select, handmade house specialties and a wide selection of high quality Slovenian and foreign wines.

Inspired by local and seasonal ingredients with emphasis on homemade and international dishes, the gourmet delights in Restaurant 9 are an unforgettable experience.

Locally grown food

Own meat production

Top world and Slovenian cuisine

Restaurant with a view


»Zero waste«

Working hours

TUE - SUN / 8:00 - 22:00

Closed Monday


Vrba 37a,
4248 Lesce, Slovenia

You deserve the best.

Room and Offer for Every Opportunity

From the breathtaking outdoor terrace with a view over the golf course, Triglav, Bled Castle and the Julian Alps, which create a truly unforgettable experience, to the sophisticated and unique glass restaurant, you will find room for every opportunity.



An exclusive location for an unforgettable romantic wedding

Team Building

Team Building

Cooperation, power and connection

Business Events

Business Events

Make an impression on your business partners

Excellent location for organising a team building event. My colleagues and I were thrilled about the beauty of nature, organisation and excellent food.

Rating: 5/5


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