Kings and Castle Chef's together

Thursday 30. 05. 2019

Igor Jagodic Royal Chef večer

This time two different but at the same time quite similar Chef ‘s will make your night unforgettable with a lot of delightful taste. One is our best Chef of King’s house Mirko Stojic and the other is Igor Jagodic from Strelec Castle in Ljubljana. You will have the opportunity to taste wines from the Sutor’s property in The Valley of Vipava.


Do not miss the last unforgettable "Chef Dinner" this year and book your table no later than 15. 11. 2018. 




Amuse bouche (Chef Igor)

Sutor Malvazija 2015



Pork shank in kale with lentils (Chef Mirko)

Sutor White 2013



Pumpkin cream, pickled pumpkin, pasta stuffed with duck, foie gras
sauce, pumpkin seeds, aged cheese »Jamar« foam (Chef Igor)

Sutor Chardonnay 2015



Paella (Chef Mirko)

Sutor Sauvignon Blanc 2012



Dark chocolate with raspbeery and red beat, raspberry and red beat
sorbetto, red beat, raspberry, red beat leaves, cacao (Chef Igor)

Sutor Chardonnay 2000


Price: 90 €




Sutor wines

(Vipava valley)


Sutor Wines

SUTOR may be more than just a story about a wine farm somewhere on the Earth. It is a commitment of generations of people to their work, love of the soil, sun and sky. It is an attempt to understand, realize the faith. It is wine. Sutor, Latin: shoemaker, a local name of the farm. It is said that there was once also a shoemaker's workshop on this wine cultivating farm. The farm fits in the architecture of Podraga village typical of Primorska: narrow streets, stone walls, small windows with frames, stones on the roofs. The cellars on the farm were built in the end of the 19th century; the room from 19has been rearranged into a degustatory room, a place for gathering. 




Reservations available until 15. 11. 2018. 


Dress code: Smart Casual


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